1. (intr usually foll by after) to behave lecherously (towards); lust (after)

  1. a lecherous act or indulgence

Origin of lech

C19: back formation from lecher

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/ (lɛk, German lɛç) /

  1. a river in central Europe, rising in SW Austria and flowing generally north through S Germany to the River Danube. Length: 285 km (177 miles)

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How to use lech in a sentence

  • Maximilian was reduced to straits such as he had not known since the time when Tilly fell at the passage of the lech.

    The Thirty Years' War | Samuel Rawson Gardiner
  • The king seized Donauworth and Ulm, and under cover of the fire of seventy guns threw a bridge across the lech.

  • At the approach of the King he camped where the river lech joins the Danube, awaiting attack.

  • Tilly had then fallen back before the advance of Gustavus to a very strong position on the lech.