[ lech-er-uhs ]
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  1. given to or characterized by lechery; lustful.

  2. erotically suggestive; inciting to lust: lecherous photographs.

Origin of lecherous

First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English word from Middle French word lechereus.See lecher, -ous

Other words from lecherous

  • lech·er·ous·ly, adverb
  • lech·er·ous·ness, noun
  • un·lech·er·ous, adjective
  • un·lech·er·ous·ly, adverb
  • un·lech·er·ous·ness, noun

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How to use lecherous in a sentence

  • Him alone did the spurned queen, the cruel and lecherous Astis, love with all her flaming and depraved heart.

  • She should not waste her love on unworthy objects, on impure and lecherous men or women.

  • "I bet the ole monks had a merry time, lecherous ole devils," said Tom, playing away.

    One Man's Initiation--1917 | John Dos Passos
  • With these words the great book ends—the diary of one of the godliest and most lecherous of men.

    The Art of Letters | Robert Lynd
  • Little does she suspect that the savage eyes of a concealed ruffian are gloating with lecherous delight upon her exposed form!

    Venus in Boston; | George Thompson

British Dictionary definitions for lecherous


/ (ˈlɛtʃərəs) /

  1. characterized by or inciting lechery

Derived forms of lecherous

  • lecherously, adverb

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