left face

  1. (used as a military command to perform a left-face.)

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[ left-feys ]

  1. a 90° turn to the left, especially as a marching command.

verb (used without object),left-faced, left-fac·ing.
  1. to execute a left-face.

Origin of left-face

First recorded in 1910–15

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How to use left face in a sentence

  • To the left—face—quick march, to the left—turn—to the right—turn—close files—mark time—right—left—right—left—forward.

    Newton Forster | Captain Frederick Marryat
  • Hyde gave the orders to left face and forward, and the Maine men marched out in front of a Vermont regiment which lay beside them.

  • left face is executed on the left heel in the corresponding manner.

  • The company being at a halt, the corporals should remember to give by the right or left flank instead of right or left face.

    The Plattsburg Manual | O.O. Ellis and E.B. Garey
  • How much would be lost if it were dropped out, and we were left face to face with actual facts?