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left out

or left-out

[ left out ]


  1. excluded or omitted:

    Proofread carefully to catch typographical errors, such as repeated words or a left out quotation mark or parenthesis.

    The songwriter calls it an anthem for left-out and bullied kids.

  2. remaining behind in an exposed, accessible, or visible place:

    Raccoons love to supplement their diets with items from your trash or left-out pet food.


  1. left out, the simple past tense and past participle of verb phrase leave out 1.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of left out1

First recorded in 1870–75

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Example Sentences

One political observer summed up the atmospherics: “It looks like two guys drinking lemonade with the sugar left out.”

When the family was fine, or when a cruel employee at the dam was behind the flood, God was left out of the explanation.

At the big table in Paris where 24 world leaders met Monday to discuss a war plan against ISIS, one nation was notably left out.

Adult entertainment sites simply can't afford to be left out.

There may have been words that were shot that were never used and that were left out when the scene was edited down.

The sailors would just as soon I had left out that remark about the enemy being bucked up by the retreat of our battleships.

In the first place, one element of public-house talk—the overt or sly indecency—is left out.

Such ideas, though they scarcely took any practical form, cannot be left out of account in the Church history of the period.

The answer suggested is that there were anciently seven strings, and that Terpander left out the Trit and added the Nt.

It decides what may with propriety be admitted to the essay, and it determines in part what must be left out.


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