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[ li-jit-uh-muh-see ]


  1. the state or quality of being legitimate.

    Synonyms: rightfulness, lawfulness, legality

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Other Words From

  • nonle·giti·ma·cy noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of legitimacy1

First recorded in 1685–95; legitim(ate) + -acy

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Example Sentences

Carano, who later announced she had joined the conservative app Parler, went on to mock the coronavirus vaccine and the legitimacy of mail-in voting in December.

America is nearing a crisis of democratic legitimacy because one side is trying to erect one-party minority rule.

Aldean didn’t openly support or condemn his wife’s post, but he did share another meme questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election results.

They can’t solve everything, but they at least have the legitimacy to align some portion of voter beliefs with the reality of a free and fair election.

Misinformation about things like the legitimacy of the recent presidential election, for example, content that might have been regarded as merely objectionable two weeks ago now looks dangerous.

From Digiday

In short, Maduro is now facing dual crises: One economic, the other of legitimacy.

They were done to give a thin patina of ersatz legitimacy to what is otherwise flagrant sexual assault.

At first blush, this practice may have the appearance of legitimacy in cases where detainees refused to eat or drink.

He turns a visit to a prefab home emporium into a meditation on wealth as a path to spiritual legitimacy.

So while the poor sound quality was aggravating, it was also a signal of some weird legitimacy.

The legitimacy of this appeal is admitted whenever it is allowed that our judgments ought to be conformable to fact.

Both were nevertheless overpowered by the sense of their legitimacy and sacred aloofness.

Napoleon knew the mysterious power throughout Europe of that charmed word "legitimacy."

Louis, moreover, had but recently illustrated the force of a new environment under the notion of legitimacy.

His rancor against the Empress was something horrible, and went to the length of denying the legitimacy of the Prince Imperial.


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