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leisure class

The rich, so called because they can afford not to work. The term was made current by the economist Thorstein Veblen in his book The Theory of the Leisure Class.

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well-heeled, well-off, affluent, well-to-do, wealthy, upscale, flush, loaded, opulent, prosperous, uptown

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Historical Examples of leisure class

  • Few are the leisure-class people who pursue writing as an art.

    A Hundred and Sixty Books by Washington Authors


  • Very fitly does Mr. Veblen, in his interesting book, call decorum "a product and an exponent of the leisure-class life."

  • It is rather that the leisure-class scheme of life here comes to an expression at the second remove.

  • As a leisure-class usage of this kind we have, particularly, that bizarre survival of bellicose chivalry, the German student duel.

  • The leisure-class canon demands strict and comprehensive futility, the instinct of workmanship demands purposeful action.