[ luh-joon, -zhœn ]


  1. John Ar·cher [ahr, -cher], 1867–1942, U.S. Marine Corps general.

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Example Sentences

The next ribbon-cutting ceremony for a center is planned in October for the facility located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Love, Nate 12 September 2006 Folks,
Just returned from a several day excursion with some of the Recon boys from Lejeune.

When he arrived at Lejeune, he was new to the role of infantry team leader, like Ryan.

His public appearances had all the spontaneous joy of a line inspection at Camp Lejeune.

Marine Lance Corporal Kody Brittingham plotted from his barracks at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.

Baron Lejeune, Constant, and Mneval have variants of the same story.

M. Lejeune states that he can recall no other instance of its use as synonymous with bourreau or hangman.

Since then it has disappeared; but this copy of the original, made at that time, is declared by M. Lejeune to be perfectly exact.

Lejeune soon turned off the wagon road to make his way directly down the side of the mountain.

Bob took his first lesson in Western riding behind Lejeune and his stolid mule.