[ lem-in-kai-nen ]

  1. (in the Kalevala) a young, jovial hero who has many adventures in which he is sometimes helped by his mother.

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How to use Lemminkäinen in a sentence

  • Lemminkainen goes to seek a wife among the noble maidens of Saari (1-110).

  • Every one is invited, except Lemminkainen, who is passed over as too quarrelsome and ill-mannered.

  • Lemminkainen then relates how he perished in the river of Tuonela, and returns home with his mother (555-650).

  • Lemminkainen drives home, and mother rejoices in her young daughter-in-law (315-402).

  • Lemminkainen invokes the forest deities, and at length succeeds in capturing the elk, and brings it to Pohjola (1-270).