Lemon Grove


  1. a town in SW California, near San Diego.

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Example Sentences

It covers southeastern San Diego, as well as National City, Lemon Grove and other municipalities.

The district, which covers parts of southeastern San Diego, Bonita, Chula Vista, La Mesa, Lemon Grove and National City, is one of the most diverse in the state, both racially and economically.

The pandemic has taken more than 29,500 lives in California — more than the population of Coronado or Lemon Grove.

Simmonds said Lemon Grove’s public safety spending is very alarming, and leaves very little funds for other city needs, such as public works.

“If we can’t afford the essentials for our community, as much as I would like for the city of Lemon Grove to stay a city, maybe it is better to look at what the county can provide,” Williams said.

There is an orange and lemon grove, guava-trees, and the silver fir, a native of New Zealand.

Poor Luigia sold her lemon grove in a hurry, to get the necessary money, and packed up and started for Paris immediately.

Low as it was, the little girl dozing in the hammock in the lemon grove was awake in an instant.

She buried it in the lemon-grove, in a grave which she could see from her bed.

Fide-Yori continued his walk along the avenue, but soon returned to the lemon grove.





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