lemon yellow


  1. a clear, yellowish-green color.

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Other Words From

  • lemon-yellow adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lemon yellow1

First recorded in 1800–10

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Example Sentences

When I opened the smartwatch app to view my route after my run, I was delighted to see the hill was a dark mustard shade instead of lemon yellow.

The solution then had a lemon yellow color, a sweet odor and was acid from acetic acid.

The view is indescribable; from lemon-yellow to orange and saffron are the hills, with blue-grey shadows in their folds.

He came in at the door drawing off a pair of lemon-yellow gloves, said “Hallo, Aunt Grace,” and rang the bell.

Clear lemon yellow, with a blush cheek, sometimes a brilliant red cheek.

Kintla is a curious lemon-yellow color, a great, flat wall tapering to a point and frequently hidden under a cap of clouds.


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