or Len·nie

[ len-ee ]


  1. a male given name, form of Leonard.

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Example Sentences

The app provides guides, phone numbers, directions, and hours of operation for offbeat roadside attractions like a replica of Stonehenge in Maryhill, Washington, and a chocolate moose named Lenny in Scarborough, Maine.

Lenny’s mother died when he was 5, and with his father unable to care for the boys by himself, Lenny and one of his brothers were taken to an orphanage.

After dropping out of seventh grade, Lenny learned to hustle.

I was with a reporter, Lenny Bernstein, whom she had caught in her sights.

Her parents were horrified by her friends: Woody Allen, Richard Pryor (“that crazy black child”), Lenny Bruce and Lily Tomlin.

When the water “crisis” began I emailed my high school friend Lenny back in T-Town and asked him how things were going.

His wife, former tennis player Miroslava Vavrinec (Mirka, to the insider fan) gave birth to two boys in early May, Leo and Lenny.

“Lenny was the kind of guy that everybody likes,” Libman told the Daily Beast.

"It was very bad in them to write such naughty words," said Lenny gravely.

Poor Lenny remained by the Stocks, very much dejected, and greatly disliking the neighborhood to which he was consigned.

Now, in Lenny's mind there was pre-eminently that quality which distinguishes the Anglo-Saxon race—the sense of justice.

"Sure thing," said Lenny, with a manner of laying the entire railway system at her feet.

Good evenin', Lenny: to hear you be so 'spectably sitivated with Mounseer.