[len-til, -tl]


a plant, Lens culinaris, of the legume family, having flattened, biconvex seeds used as food.
the seed itself.

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Origin of lentil

1200–50; Middle English < Old French lentille < Vulgar Latin *lentīcula for Latin lenticula. See lenticle

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a small annual leguminous plant, Lens culinaris, of the Mediterranean region and W Asia, having edible brownish convex seeds
any of the seeds of this plant, which are cooked and eaten as a vegetable, in soups, etc

Word Origin for lentil

C13: from Old French lentille, from Latin lenticula, diminutive of lēns lentil

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Word Origin and History for lentil



mid-13c., from Old French lentille "lentil," also "freckle," from Latin lenticula, diminutive of Latin lens (genitive lentis) "lentil," cognate with Greek lathyros, German linse, Old Church Slavonic lęšta.

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