[ lee-of-rik ]

  1. died 1057, earl of Mercia c1030–57 (husband of Lady Godiva).

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How to use Leofric in a sentence

  • Some of its members might be attached to the house of Godwin, some had sworn to live and die for the house of Leofric.

    Domesday Book and Beyond | Frederic William Maitland
  • It originated with Bishop Leofric, who got together over sixty books about sixteen years before the Conquest.

    Old English Libraries | Ernest Savage
  • Leofric instituted several reforms, added to the wealth of his cathedral, and left it a legacy of lands and books.

  • Judith exclaimed—but apart; and, as the reading proceeded, she began to think of how Master Leofric Hope would regard this maiden.

    Judith Shakespeare | William Black
  • Master Leofric Hope, on leaving Judith, returned to the farm, but not to the solitude that had awakened her commiseration.

    Judith Shakespeare | William Black