[ lee-on ]


  1. a male given name, form of Leo.



[ ley-ohn; Spanish le-awn ]


  1. a province in NW Spain: formerly a kingdom. 5,936 sq. mi. (15,375 sq. km).
  2. the capital of this province.
  3. a city in W Guanajuato, in central Mexico.
  4. a city in W Nicaragua: the former capital.


/ leˈɔn /


  1. a region and former kingdom of NW Spain, which united with Castile in 1230
  2. a city of NW Spain: capital of the kingdom of León (10th century). Pop: 135 634 (2003 est)
  3. a city in central Mexico, in W Guanajuato state: commercial centre of a rich agricultural region. Pop: 1 438 000 (2005 est) Official nameLeón de los Aldamasde los ˈaldamas
  4. a city in W Nicaragua: one of the oldest towns of Central America, founded in 1524; capital of Nicaragua until 1855; university (1812). Pop: 168 000 (2005 est)

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Example Sentences

Since NFTs are sold at extremely high prices, many musicians like Kings of Leon and Steve Aoki, have sold NFTs for millions of dollars.

From Quartz

Buy Tecovas The Roy Suede Boots at Tecovas, $258Each pair of their boots is handmade in León, Mexico, and is crafted in over 200 different steps to give the utmost quality in design.

The rock band Kings of Leon sold their latest album as an NFT, too, netting $2 million.

The certification, which lasts three years, was renewed by then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in 2012.

Few sore losers could wield sharp words quite like Leon Trotsky, especially when talking about Joseph Stalin.

The play told the story of a designer (Humberto Leon, of course) getting his collection ready for the runway.

Her punch was harder than the ones recently delivered by former Defense Secretaries Bob Gates and Leon Panetta.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey later said they supported the plan at that time.

The journey back was safely made and Leon, in spite of his bandaged head and wounded arm, was nearly smothered with kisses.

He is now lieutenant-colonel of infantry, and governor of the kingdom of New Leon.

The fizz water must have something of the sort of thing that old Ponce de Leon sought.

A young man about twenty-eight years of age advanced to meet them with a smiling face, for he saw Leon de Lora first.

"Cousin, look at those two men," said Leon, pointing out to him a former minister and the leader of the Left Centre.


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