[ lee-uh-pahr-dee, ley-; Italian le-aw-pahr-dee ]

  1. Count Gia·co·mo [jah-kuh-moh; Italian jah-kaw-maw], /ˈdʒɑ kəˌmoʊ; Italian ˈdʒɑ kɔ mɔ/, 1798–1837, Italian poet.

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How to use Leopardi in a sentence

  • By the cast of his mind and the course of his inward experience he was drawn towards Leopardi.

  • In later years Lenau's verses, like those of Leopardi in Italy, became ever more melancholy, owing partly to inherited tendencies.

  • This may be seen by a reference to Leopardi, who is perhaps the greatest stylist of the century.

    We Philologists, Volume 8 (of 18) | Friedrich Nietzsche
  • And after dinner when he smoked, and she read Leopardi aloud to him, the frosted cake was quite forgotten.

    Paths of Judgement | Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  • By the side of his cruel clearness the satire of Carlyle is bluster, the diatribes of Leopardi shrill and thin.

    Henrik Ibsen | Edmund Gosse

British Dictionary definitions for Leopardi


/ (Italian leoˈpardi) /

  1. Count Giacomo (ˈdʒaːkomo). 1798–1837, Italian poet and philosopher, noted esp for his lyrics, collected in I Canti (1831)

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