[ lep-i-doh-sahy-ruhn ]

  1. a lungfish, Lepidosiren paradoxa, of the Amazon, having an eel-shaped body.

Origin of lepidosiren

From New Latin, dating back to 1850–55; see origin at lepido-, siren

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How to use lepidosiren in a sentence

  • From these primitive fishes were evolved higher fishes of the ganoid type and others of the type of lepidosiren (Dipneusta).

  • lepidosiren paradoxa was discovered by Natterer in 1837 in tributaries of the Amazon.

  • When the water disappears the lepidosiren burrows down into the mud, closing its gill-openings, but breathing through the mouth.

  • Six pairs of branchial arches occur in Protopterus; Ceratodus and lepidosiren have five, like most other fish.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton | Sidney H. Reynolds
  • No; but from an organ similar in character and position to the air-bladder of a ceratodus, or a lepidosiren.

    Evolution | Joseph Le Conte

British Dictionary definitions for lepidosiren


/ (ˌlɛpɪdəʊˈsaɪərən) /

  1. a South American lungfish, Lepidosiren paradoxa, having an eel-shaped body and whiplike paired fins

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