[ ler ]

nounIrish Mythology.
  1. the personification of the sea and the father of Manannan: corresponds to the Welsh Llyr.

  • Also Lir [leer] /lɪər/ .

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How to use Ler in a sentence

  • During a recent show, he referred to someone in his script named “Ferris Boo-Ler.”

  • Both have even been known to pronounce the word nuclear in the same Southern way (nuke-yuh-Ler).

    Rick Perry’s Bush Echo | Daniel Stone | June 23, 2011 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • They was both kind o' mad at the hull world, and at our town in pertic'Ler, and some at each other, too.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • He had made his life-long brags, and his pride was broke in that there one pertic'Ler spot.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • And they all had them easy-going, wait-a-bit kind of voices, and didn't see no pertic'Ler importance in their "r's."

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • He stuck his cigarette into his mouth and turned sideways from Doctor Kirby, like he hadn't noticed him pertic'Ler.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • Cap'n N-n-(hic)oohaul (this cost prodigious effort and much balancing), an'—an' you sherv'd that f'Ler per-per-flicky ri'.

    Warrior Gap | Charles King