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  1. a marshy region near Argos, Greece: the legendary abode of the Hydra slain by Hercules.
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Also Ler·ne [lur-nee] /ˈlɜr ni/.
Related formsLer·nae·an, Ler·ne·an [ler-nee-uh n] /lərˈni ən/, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • Second, To destroy the Hydra which infested the marshes of Lerna.

    1000 Mythological Characters Briefly Described

    Edward S. Ellis

  • For foiled ambition is the hydra-headed monster of the Lerna marsh.

    The Jester's Sword

    Annie Fellows Johnston

  • Hercules's second labor was to kill the Hydra, a nine-headed monster that infested the marshes of Lerna.

  • He indeed is called by birth a Mycenan, and he dwells at the streams of Lerna, the king Hippomedon.

  • Its haunt was a hill beneath a plane tree near the river Amymone, in the marshes of Lerna by Argos.