Les Misérables

[ French ley mee-zey-ra-bluh ]


  1. a novel (1862) by Victor Hugo.

Les Misérables

  1. (1862) A novel by Victor Hugo . The central character , Jean Valjean, is sentenced to prison for stealing a single loaf of bread. Later, seeking respectability, Valjean is hounded by his archenemy, Inspector Javert.

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The broad canvas of Hugo's novel has been adapted for numerous films and a long-running Broadway (see also Broadway ) musical (usually known as Les Miz ).

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Example Sentences

He can even hold a tune, as his scene-stealing turn in Les Miserables proved.

Basically, Anne Hathaway was mind-blowingly amazing in Les Miserables.

And one of them was a guy wearing these small Janis Joplinesque sunglasses and an old Les Miserables sweatshirt.

Russell Crowe, stumbling into every shot, seems to be channeling Javert from Les Miserables.

If I could choose, I would have voted Les Miserables, the epic and excessive (in the best way) movie musical.

The author of Les Miserables often lulls these little ones to sleep with improvised tales of wonderful fascination.

Les Miserables she read till she reached the dreadful scene where a vicious cad hurls snowballs at the helpless Fantine.

Black pondered over this; but Carney's allusion to the policeman in "Les Miserables" had had an effect.

Victor Hugo has, in his wonderful book, "Les Miserables," daguerreotyped the thoughts and the feelings of a prisoner.

Read "Les Miserables" of our great Hugo before you answer, my friend.'


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