[ les-uhps; French le-seps ]

  1. Fer·di·nand Ma·rie, Vi·comte de [fur-dn-and muh-ree, vee-kawntduh; French, fer-dee-nahnma-ree, vee-kawnt duh], /ˈfɜr dnˌænd məˈri, viˈkɔnt də; French, fɛr diˈnɑ̃ maˈri, vi kɔ̃t də/, 1805–94, French engineer and diplomat: promoter of the Suez Canal.

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How to use Lesseps in a sentence

  • The aged de Lesseps—acclaimed as a hero yesterday, denounced as a traitor to-day—died of a broken heart.

    Heroes of To-Day | Mary R. Parkman
  • This was the theater of the failure of Count de Lesseps, the most stupendous financial fiasco in the history of the world.

    The Panama Canal | Frederic Jennings Haskin
  • De Lesseps, like many another man, had been spoiled by success, and had lost his usual good judgment.

    The Hero of Panama | F. S. Brereton
  • And even now de Lesseps and his men were digging night and day that the steamboat might push the proud clipper from the seas.

    The Wind Bloweth | Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne

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/ (ˈlɛsəps, French lɛsɛps) /


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