[ let-uhp ]
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  1. cessation; pause; relief.

Origin of letup

1835–45, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase let up

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How to use letup in a sentence

  • There was a kind of let-up in the storm jest afore I got here, and they see her fast on the shoal with the crew in the riggin'.

    Cap'n Eri | Joseph Crosby Lincoln
  • Right along from then on they kept things moving 14 spirited, one way and another, without much of a let-up.

    Santa F's Partner | Thomas A. Janvier
  • Everything looks so fine and handsome with the business, now, that I feel a great let-up from depression.

  • I've been watching for two mortal hours and there hasn't been a let-up yet.

    In Vanity Fair | Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd
  • Slowly the day of storm passed, but with no let-up in the falling snow.

British Dictionary definitions for let up

let up

verb(intr, adverb)
  1. to diminish, slacken, or stop

  2. (foll by on) informal to be less harsh (towards someone)

  1. informal a lessening or abatement

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See let down, def. 2.

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