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let loose

[ let loos ]


past and past participle: let loosepresent participle: letting loose
  1. to set free; release;

    They let the captured mouse loose in a field.

  2. to allow to act freely (often followed by on ):

    I have my medical students practice putting IVs in me before I let them loose on patients.

  3. to act in a relaxed or uninhibited way:

    It took some time to talk my dad into letting loose and playing a few games with the grandkids.

    I can be serious when I need to be, but sometimes I just need to let loose and have fun.

  4. to utter or issue forcefully and suddenly (sometimes followed by with ):

    I let loose a shriek and made a dive for the door.

    He let loose with a flurry of angry posts on the website.

  5. to give way; yield:

    The guardrail let loose and we very nearly plunged over the edge.

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Example Sentences

The silence was more horrible than the hell-let-loose of a few minutes before.





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