or let-down

[ let-doun ]
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  1. a decrease in volume, force, energy, etc.: a letdown in sales; a general letdown of social barriers.

  2. disillusionment, discouragement, or disappointment: The job was a letdown.

  1. depression; deflation: He felt a terrible letdown at the end of the play.

  2. the accelerated movement of milk into the mammary glands of lactating mammals upon stimulation, as by massage or suckling.

  3. Aeronautics. the descent of an aircraft from a higher to a lower altitude preparatory to making an approach and landing or to making a target run or the like.

Origin of letdown

First recorded in 1760–70; noun use of verb phrase let down

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British Dictionary definitions for let down

let down

verb(tr, mainly adverb)
  1. (also preposition) to lower

  2. to fail to fulfil the expectations of (a person); disappoint

  1. to undo, shorten, and resew (the hem) so as to lengthen (a dress, skirt, etc)

  2. to untie (long hair that is bound up) and allow to fall loose

  3. to deflate: to let down a tyre

  1. a disappointment

  2. the gliding descent of an aircraft in preparation for landing

  1. the release of milk from the mammary glands following stimulation by the hormone oxytocin

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Cause to descend, lower, as in They let down the sails. [Mid-1100s]

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