[ lev-uhl-hed-id ]
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  1. having common sense and sound judgment; sensible.

Origin of levelheaded

An Americanism dating back to 1875–80; level + head + -ed3

Other words from levelheaded

  • lev·el·head·ed·ly, adverb
  • lev·el·head·ed·ness, noun

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How to use levelheaded in a sentence

  • Oh, Stephen is usually a pretty level-headed sort of a fellow!

  • A cool, level-headed man is the greatest necessity in an emergency, for it is as disastrous to get too many men as it is too few.

    Our National Forests | Richard H. Douai Boerker
  • He is a very strong-minded, practical, level-headed old chap, without a grain of superstition in him.

  • But old man Nelson is a cool-blooded, level-headed old fellow; has seen a lot of life, too.

    Black Rock | Ralph Connor
  • But the most level-headed man in England could not have come to the point in fewer words or a more temperate tone.

    Witching Hill | E. W. Hornung

British Dictionary definitions for level-headed


  1. even-tempered, balanced, and reliable; steady

Derived forms of level-headed

  • level-headedly, adverb
  • level-headedness, noun

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