[ luh-veen luh-vahyn ]


  1. Jack, 1915–2010, U.S. painter.
  2. James Lawrence, 1943–2021, U.S. orchestral conductor and pianist.

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Example Sentences

Levine is a pediatrician who created the Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s adolescent medicine division.

Paul also complained about Levine’s support for children who make the decision to take hormone-blocking medications despite the concerns of their parents, asserting she supported surgeries for minors, too.

Conjuring tales of a teenager who transitioned, then detransitioned, and other youths “making decisions to amputate their breasts, or to amputate their genitalia,” asked Levine if minors “should be involved” in making these decisions.

Known for knocking down the corporate wall by showing off her family life, Levine is one influencer worth following.

From Ozy

Levine was named acting secretary of health in July 2017 and confirmed as secretary of health in March 2018.

Through Weirich, she also met her wife Alice Levine, also a transgender woman.

The auction house reached out to the Levine estate to procur the doll.

The agency turned to toymaker Donald Levine, a former Hasbro executive who gave the world G.I. Joe.

She is equally desirous of Levine, as animalistic and eager to consume him while sticky with sanguine fluid.

Levine broods in the meat locker, mad with desire for Prinsloo, whose appetite for him is equally primal.

Well, our old friend Peter Levine has been around pestering mother again.

"Peter Levine, Attorney," read Betty aloud from a sign just a little dingier than the rest.

It would give me the greatest delight to land Mr. Peter Levine and his associates in jail.

"And here is a particular friend of yours, Levine," he added, as Allen stepped closer.

He even began to formulate plans by which he could lure the unsuspecting Peter Levine into telling what he knew.


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