lex talionis

[ leks tal-ee-oh-nis ]
/ ˈlɛks ˌtæl iˈoʊ nɪs /


the principle or law of retaliation that a punishment inflicted should correspond in degree and kind to the offense of the wrongdoer, as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; retributive justice.

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Origin of lex talionis

First recorded in 1590–1600, lex talionis is from the Latin word lēx taliōnis law of talion
Also called talion.
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British Dictionary definitions for lex talionis

lex talionis
/ (ˌtælɪˈəʊnɪs) /


the law of revenge or retaliation

Word Origin for lex talionis

C16: New Latin
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