[ lek-si-kog-ruh-fee ]
/ ˌlɛk sɪˈkɒg rə fi /


the writing, editing, or compiling of dictionaries.
the principles and procedures involved in writing, editing, or compiling dictionaries.

Origin of lexicography

First recorded in 1670–80; lexic(on) + -o- + -graphy

OTHER WORDS FROM lexicography

lex·i·co·graph·ic [lek-si-koh-graf-ik, -si-kuh-] /ˌlɛk sɪ koʊˈgræf ɪk, -sɪ kə-/, lex·i·co·graph·i·cal, adjectivelex·i·co·graph·i·cal·ly, adverbun·lex·i·co·graph·i·cal, adjectiveun·lex·i·co·graph·i·cal·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for lexicographical

/ (ˌlɛksɪˈkɒɡrəfɪ) /


the process or profession of writing or compiling dictionaries

Derived forms of lexicography

lexicographer, nounlexicographic (ˌlɛksɪkəˈɡræfɪk) or lexicographical, adjectivelexicographically, adverb
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