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/ ˌlaɪəˈbɪlɪtɪz /

plural noun

  1. accounting business obligations incurred but not discharged and entered as claims on the assets shown on the balance sheet Compare assets

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Example Sentences

That means insurers are involved in assessing both the liabilities involved in the airplane itself and of the airline.

LS Fashion Limited is fully able to meet the company's liabilities and pay all suppliers and customers.

Bush has the liabilities everyone knows—his last name, mostly, and that fire-in-the-belly business.

They just might get it—a jumble not just of selling points but complementary liabilities.

The liabilities are there and if you want to take them, go for it.

Keepers of lodging and boarding houses are not innkeepers, nor subject to their liabilities.

Many states also have statutes and cities ordinances regulating the duties and liabilities of landlords and tenants.

When the bill of sale is executed the purchaser becomes entitled to all the benefits of ownership, and incurs all the liabilities.

This offer was accepted, and, so great was his talent for business, in two years Lige was free from all liabilities.

How was he to pay up the liabilities of his bank shares from his dwindling practice?