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[lee-ahr; French lee-ar]
noun, plural li·ards [lee-ahrz; French lee-ar] /liˈɑrz; French liˈar/.
  1. a former silver coin of France, the fourth part of a sol, issued from the 15th century to 1793 and made from copper after 1650.
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Origin of liard

1535–45; named after G. Liard, 15th-century French minter


[lee-ahrd, lee-ahrd, -ahr]
  1. a river in W Canada, flowing from S Yukon through N British Columbia and the Northwest Territories into the Mackenzie River. 550 miles (885 km) long.
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Historical Examples of liard

  • You know, neighbour, Mother Dewis had more milk for her liard than we for two.

    The Spell of Belgium

    Isabel Anderson

  • This lake we see from the map to be the source of the Liard River.

  • They got their desert, though, when they went down in the Liard River.

  • For if it was worth a liard, you would not be willing to give it to me.

  • The only coin apparently in circulation was the liard, and the accounts were kept in livres and sous.

British Dictionary definitions for liard


  1. a former small coin of various European countries
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Word Origin for liard

C16: after G. Liard, French minter


  1. a river in W Canada, rising in the SE Yukon and flowing east and then northwest to the Mackenzie River. Length: 885 km (550 miles)
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