liberty pole


  1. Also called liberty tree. American History. a pole or tree, often with a liberty cap or a banner at the top, usually located on a village green or in a market square, used by the Sons of Liberty in many colonial towns as a symbol of protest against British rule and around which anti-British rallies were held.
  2. a tall flagpole, traditionally with a liberty cap at the top, serving as a symbol of liberty.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of liberty pole1

First recorded in 1760–70

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Example Sentences

They sailed away, leaving their flag still floating from the top of the liberty pole.

Then they destroyed a quantity of flour, cut down the liberty-pole, and set fire to the courthouse.

At this place there is a liberty pole set up by some of the brethren.

Against Fayette two bills were found; one for misdemeanor in raising the liberty pole in Uniontown.

This was the first Liberty pole planted in that state—the first meeting that was held on that subject.


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