life imprisonment


  1. (in Britain) an indeterminate sentence always given for murder and as a maximum sentence in several other crimes. There is no remission, although the Home Secretary may order the prisoner's release on licence

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Example Sentences

Firing one will earn you a minimum of three years in jail and possible life imprisonment.

And why should sex between consenting adults result in life imprisonment?

The punishment on the books is life imprisonment, although this is rarely enforced.

If convicted, Harroun could have faced a sentence of 30 years to life imprisonment.

In 1987 he was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity; he died in prison in 1991.

I am glad to tell you that the sentence of R——, whose cell was next to mine, has been commuted to life imprisonment.

At the hang-out a favorite topic of discussion is, which penalty is preferable—life-imprisonment or death.

The average term of so-called life imprisonment in this country is only about fourteen years.

He was promptly indicted, tried and sentenced to death, but the sentence was finally commuted to life imprisonment.

There was much delay, a reprieve, a commutation of the death penalty to life imprisonment—the best that could be done.


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