life instinct

  1. psychoanal the instinct for reproduction and self-preservation

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How to use life instinct in a sentence

  • The life instinct was fully awakened in him now, as the dread from which he had run became more distant.

    The Story of Ab | Stanley Waterloo
  • The gradual disappearance of my “life-instinct,” which already began a few years ago, is now more marked, more precise.

  • The machines intertwined their lessons with the basic drives, weaving a pattern of learned behavior with the life instinct.

    The Status Civilization | Robert Sheckley
  • The dance satisfied this life instinct, which, when that outlet was made difficult, sought some other way.

    An Anarchist Woman | Hutchins Hapgood
  • The life instinct in me would not be doomed, but was insistent in its demands and made me flee from insanity and death.

    An Anarchist Woman | Hutchins Hapgood