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[ lahyf-er-deth ]


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Word History and Origins

Origin of life-or-death1

First recorded in 1680–90

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Example Sentences

A fascinating book reveals the life-or-death rush of base jumping.

The fussy legal language complicates what is sometimes a life-or-death situation.

The crews of those boats would have to make the life-or-death decision themselves about how much time is “sufficient.”

Constantino-Diaz Duran reports on the eerie similarities—and the life-or-death differences.

What McEvoy uncovers is not just a big story, but a life-or-death situation involving an especially devious serial killer.

It was a punishment that satisfied both sides of the life-or-death argument.

This is a life-or-death proposition, with lasting-time the most important factor.

Kenniston, unable to turn from the life-or-death business of threading the swarm, heard the Jovian fighting furiously.

"It was not a life-or-death blunder in that sense, but only one of maiming," said Nealie hastily.

It was a life-or-death struggle with the elements--English courage and brawn pitted against the combined action of wind and sea.





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