life sentence


  1. a sentence condemning a convicted felon to spend the rest of their life in prison.

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Example Sentences

Under California law in effect in 1968, a life sentence with parole would have made Sirhan eligible for release after seven years.

By that time, she’d been given a life sentence after an attempted robbery, because it was her third offense.

He sits on the Board of Lifers, a collection of five men who aim to represent the roughly 5,000 prisoners currently serving life sentences in Pennsylvania.

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If successful, she could be acquitted of some or all of the charges against her, rather than face a mandatory life sentence — and could break legal ground for trafficking victims accused of crimes.

In this case, I think they were unanimous to get a life sentence.

Brown had been serving a life sentence; McCollum had been on Death Row.

But the law explicitly stated that a resulting life sentence was to be without even the possibility of parole.

Benedetto Ceraulo, the Sicilian hitman, was given a life sentence.

They were “99 percent” sure of a victory and hoped for a life sentence.

First: we are not committed to a life sentence—nothing is really irrevocable, not even marriage (though I used to think so).

Upon my return I went to the capital to see the Governor, and asked him to grant the boy a life sentence in prison.

You will see from this that we received a life sentence on the New York Commission.

She felt an impulse to scream, to run to the railing and leap overboard, to thwart that life-sentence in any possible way.

I believe he was afterwards taken to a gaol in the Isle of Wight, but I do not know if his life-sentence is still in force.

And he felt now that Binhart could never do it, that a life sentence there would be worse than a life sentence to “stir.”





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