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light up


  1. to light a cigarette, pipe, etc
  2. to illuminate or cause to illuminate
  3. to make or become cheerful or animated

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Example Sentences

So, members of Congress can light up at work—but they can if they live in the district.

Then he does what he does about every ten minutes, which is light up a True green and smoke it down to his wrist.

“I see you around children, see how you light up around them,” Bill tells his love Sookie.

And then the flares light up the sky and the building begins to shake from the deadly thunder of Protective Edge.

McDonald is a radiant talent, with a warm voice and beaming smile that light up any venue in which she appears.

The sunrays grew whiter and stronger to light up the great rugged stage of Nature.

She saw his eyes light up with eager pleasure as he placed the flowers close to his pillow, and inhaled their spicy fragrance.

But it has one advantage: if we don't get home before dark we shan't need to light up.

But if you have a cigar-case about you, light up, like a good fellow.

I light up a cigar and looking at nothing, behold everything.





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