light engine

  1. a railway locomotive in motion without drawing any carriages or wagons: US equivalent: wildcat

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How to use light engine in a sentence

  • A light engine slid through the station, and he caught a glimpse of young Barton in the cab.

    Kim | Rudyard Kipling
  • The light engine was to go on until it should "pick up" the delayed train between stations.

    The Grafters | Francis Lynde
  • Get the hand bilge pump going and I'll start the power pump with the electric light engine!

    Boy Scouts in Southern Waters | G. Harvey Ralphson
  • Possibly also, a Railway Manager might agree to put a specially light engine to your train.

  • We were all of opinion that it was impossible to make a sufficiently light engine for the purpose.

    The Passionate Friends | Herbert George Wells