[ lahyt-yeer, -yeer ]

  1. Astronomy. the distance traversed by light in one mean solar year, about 5.88 trillion mi. (9.46 trillion km): used as a unit in measuring stellar distances. Abbreviation: lt-yr

  2. light-years,

    • a very great distance, especially in development or progress: The new computer is light-years ahead of the old one.

    • a very long time: It's been light-years since I've seen my childhood friends.

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Origin of light-year

First recorded in 1885–90

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How to use light-year in a sentence

  • One magnetar is only about a light-year from the black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

    The Weirdest Object in the Universe | Matthew R. Francis | May 18, 2014 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • One could imagine falling forty-two thousand miles, where one couldn't imagine falling a light-year.

    Pariah Planet | Murray Leinster
  • That expedition perished after less than a light-year when its hydroponics system failed.

    Control Group | Roger Dee
  • But this monster—a thing now as big as the whole Solar System doubtless—was speeding through a light-year in a moment!

    The World Beyond | Raymond King Cummings
  • "The distance is half a light-year now, sir," reported the navigation officer.

    The Ultimate Weapon | John Wood Campbell

British Dictionary definitions for light year

light year

  1. a unit of distance used in astronomy, equal to the distance travelled by light in one year, i.e. 9.4607 × 10 12 kilometres or 0.3066 parsecs

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Scientific definitions for light-year


  1. The distance that light travels in a vacuum in one year, equal to about 9.46 trillion km (5.88 trillion mi). Light-years are used in measuring interstellar and intergalactic distances. Compare astronomical unit parsec.

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Cultural definitions for light year

light year

The distance traveled by light in a year (over five trillion miles); a unit for measuring distances outside the solar system. The star nearest to our sun, Alpha Centauri, is more than four light years away.

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