/ ˈlaɪtfʊt /


  1. LightfootGordon1938MCanadianMUSIC: rock singerMUSIC: songwriter Gordon. born 1938, Canadian singer and short songwriter; his recordings include 'If You Could Read My Mind' (1970), Dream Street Rose (1980) and Harmony (2004)

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Example Sentences

“Our society is so scared right now of kids being fat,” Lightfoot continues.

But, Lightfoot suggests, it might have unintended consequences.

And I think the next one, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, was kind of like that too.

The character of Lightfoot came to her before any other element of In the Kitchen and she knows all the work that followed.

The chef in charge of managing this motley crew, Gabriel Lightfoot, has plenty of problems of his own, including a dying father.

Dr. Lightfoot vindicates 'the necessity for a fresh revision of the authorized version.'

Lightfoot proved that the Jews, after their return from Babylon, gradually abandoned themselves to sorcery and divination.

Poor old Lightfoot was steadily losing ground, and Hartwick ground his teeth as he saw Nemo come into fourth place.

It was settled that my aunt and I were to take turns riding on Lady Lightfoot, so that neither should get too fatigued.

It is particularly desired to know in what year, and under what circumstances, Anna Lightfoot died.





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