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[ lahyt-lis ]


  1. without light or lights; receiving no light; dark.
  2. giving no light.

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Other Words From

  • lightless·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of lightless1

before 1000; Middle English lihtles, Old English lēohtlēas. See light 1, -less
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Example Sentences

Toward the end of those years, the Viking and his closest lieutenants were cast into a lightless dungeon, yet nonetheless managed to break out, kidnap the emperor’s mistress and commandeer two galleys.

One survivor told of being thrown into a lightless cave for six months.

If Bales's guilt is true, his soul must surely be a dark, lightless place.

As we drew further and further into that lightless land, little twists and curls of vapour wriggled over the black river-surface.

Through the lightless porthole he listened for the terrifying shout, "Man overboard!"

She quickly closed the door behind her and sped off down the line of now lightless cabins.

These underground kitchens must eventually die out, and our children will wonder why we used such airless, lightless places.

I suppose everyone at some time has imagined himself irrevocably imprisoned, cast into some lightless dungeon and left to die.





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