[leen; French leen-yuh]

noun, plural lignes [leenz; French leen-yuh] /linz; French ˈlin yə/.

(in Swiss watchmaking) a unit equal to 0.0888 inch or 2.2558 millimeters, divided into 12 douziemes: used mainly to gauge the thickness of a movement.

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Origin of ligne

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Examples from the Web for ligne

  • Instead of coming out of it above and behind the German, when I pulled up in ligne de vol I was under him!

    High Adventure|James Norman Hall
  • Near Ath is the fine castle of Beloeil, the ancient seat of the princely family of Ligne.

  • Made one last effort and came out in ligne de vol, as nearly as I could judge, about one hundred and fifty metres from the ground.

    High Adventure|James Norman Hall