limiting factor


  1. Physiology. the slowest, therefore rate-limiting, step in a process or reaction involving several steps.
  2. Biology. an environmental factor that tends to limit population size.

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Example Sentences

Wilson agreed that a comparison against more years would be ideal but pointed out that data availability was a limiting factor.

Still, 30% of our respondents disagree with mandating vaccination, suggesting that organizers should expect mandates to be another limiting factor on attendance.

Firstly, Farley recommends paid search advertisers think big and imagine what they would do if budget wasn’t a limiting factor.

The limiting factor for a strangler seed tends to be moisture, so germination is most successful on rotting or decaying bits of branches.

Our 13-month-old pandemic, on the wane but still very much a limiting factor for large public gatherings, would make sure of that.

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There's another limiting factor, which is that under the current tax code, debt forgiveness is taxable.

Food supply probably is not a limiting factor to populations of Gastrophryne on the area.

All these situations are characterized by providing abundant cover, a limiting factor for this woodrat.

The development of synthetic foods, the use of algae and fungi, rules out famine as a limiting factor.

Winter killing of the wood and catkins is probably the limiting factor in growing filberts in Western New York.

In such cases, the deficiency of these gaseous food elements may become a limiting factor in plant growth.


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