[ lin ]
/ lɪn /


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[ lin ]
/ lɪn /


Maya Ying [mah-yuh ying] /ˈmɑ yə ˈyɪŋ/, born 1959, U.S. architect and sculptor.
a female given name, form of Caroline or Carolyn.

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or lin

[ lin ]
/ lɪn /

noun Chiefly Scot.

a waterfall or torrent of rushing water in a river or stream.
a pool of water, especially at the foot of a waterfall.
a steep ravine or precipice.

Origin of linn

before 1000; conflation of Old English hlynn torrent (not recorded in ME), and Scots Gaelic linne, cognate with Irish linn, Welsh llyn

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/ (lɪn) /

noun mainly Scot

a waterfall or a pool at the foot of it
a ravine or precipice

Word Origin for linn

C16: probably from a confusion of two words, Scottish Gaelic linne pool and Old English hlynn torrent
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