[ lind-burg, lin- ]


  1. Anne (Spencer) Morrow, 1906–2001, U.S. writer (wife of Charles Augustus Lindbergh).
  2. Charles Augustus, 1902–74, U.S. aviator: made the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight 1927.


/ ˈlɪndbɜːɡ; ˈlɪnbɜːɡ /


  1. LindberghCharles Augustus19021974MUSTRAVEL AND EXPLORATION: aviator Charles Augustus. 1902–74, US aviator, who made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic (1927)

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Example Sentences

Tragically, Lindbergh died in a car crash less than a year later, but backup Bob Froese stepped in between the pipes and delivered a great season of his own, finishing second in the Vezina race despite the difficult circumstances.

When it becomes clear that nobody else will challenge Lindbergh in the next election, Winchell announces his own candidacy.

When I heard that from my manager, I said, “Yeah, and I kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.”

Cordice was the son of a North Carolina doctor, but he had hoped to become an engineer and an aviator like Charles Lindbergh.

Charles Lindbergh won the first “Man of the Year” title in 1927 for flying his pioneering solo flight across the Atlantic.

Irey and his agents solved the Lindbergh-baby kidnapping case, then known as the “Crime of the Century.”

Lindbergh seemed like an old man to me when I finally saw him, but still active.

The majestic Lindbergh light swept the sky, but its rays did not touch them.

Youve got Lindbergh at the Nebraska flying school for a long time.

But I guess that most of them are in the Lindbergh museum now.

And gee, Bob, how do you remember all these places that Lindbergh stopped at?


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