[ lin-tn ]

  1. Ralph, 1893–1953, U.S. anthropologist.

  2. a male given name.

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How to use Linton in a sentence

  • Where are the actual complaints that Linton and other critics are allegedly hearing?

  • A few days after Linton died in the night, alone with his bride.

    Emily Bront | A. Mary F. (Agnes Mary Frances) Robinson
  • He had had a hope, at first, that it might be Kester or Linton.

    The Range Boss | Charles Alden Seltzer
  • Mrs. Smith is daughter of my old friend Mr. Linton of Oxford, and even you could not make me more comfortable than she does!

    Edward Hoare, M.A. | Edward Hoare
  • The Linton worm curled itself round a hill, and by its poisonous breath destroyed the neighbouring animal and vegetable life.

  • I have been told that in the character of Linton I have exaggerated wickedness beyond all belief.

    Roland Cashel | Charles James Lever