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[lip-ee; Italian leep-pee]
  1. Fi·lip·pi·no [fil-uh-pee-noh; Italian fee-leep-pee-naw] /ˌfɪl əˈpi noʊ; Italian ˌfi lipˈpi nɔ/, 1457–1504, and his father, Fra Fi·lip·po [frah fi-lip-oh; Italian frah fee-leep-paw] /frɑ fɪˈlɪp oʊ; Italian frɑ fiˈlip pɔ/ or Fra Lip·po [frah lip-oh; Italian frah leep-paw] /frɑ ˈlɪp oʊ; Italian frɑ ˈlip pɔ/, 1406?–69, Italian painters.
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Historical Examples of lippi

  • I will tell you what Lippi must have taught any boy whom he loved.

    Ariadne Florentina

    John Ruskin

  • Lippi was a wild fellow and given to excesses of various kinds.

  • The poet makes him learn of Lippi, not, as Vasari states, Lippi of him.

  • Fra Filippo Lippi (1412-69), the painter, was the son of a butcher in Florence.

  • Is he not working against Lippi, and it may be against truth, if they happen to go together, which I do not believe?

British Dictionary definitions for lippi


  1. Filippino (filipˈpiːno). ?1457–1504, Italian painter of the Florentine school
  2. his father, Fra Filippo (fra fiˈlippo). ?1406–69, Italian painter of the Florentine school, noted particularly for his frescoes at Prato Cathedral (1452–64)
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