/ (ˈlɪsəm) /

  1. supple in the limbs or body; lithe; flexible

  2. agile; nimble

Origin of lissom

C19: variant of lithesome

Derived forms of lissom

  • lissomly or lissomely, adverb
  • lissomness or lissomeness, noun

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How to use lissom in a sentence

  • True, till 1700 it was largely a matter of silhouette, the lissom outline was there, but with a certain variety of colouring.

    Balloons | Elizabeth Bibesco
  • What would make Robertlet and Ditti lissom, quick, interested, and gay?

    The Pastor's Wife | Elizabeth von Arnim
  • When fully assured that it was at once lissom and tough, and admirably adapted for his purpose, he told Harry to go on home.

    Facing Death | G. A. Henty
  • They are good-natured as well as frivolous, lissom of mind as well as of body, indulgent to others and charming in themselves.

    The Choice of Life | Georgette Leblanc
  • With his light touch and long lissom hands, the fellow seemed to have a natural instinct for successful bandaging.