/ ˈlɪstən /


  1. ListonSonny19221970MUSSPORT AND GAMES: boxer Sonny, real name Charles. 1922–70, US boxer: former world heavyweight champion

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Example Sentences

Muhammad Ali “shocked the world” 50 years ago this week when he beat Sonny Liston to become the heavyweight champion of the world.

The more he talked, the more promoters and fans were able to visualize a Clay-Liston fight.

The Times sent him to cover the 1964 title fight between Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston, where he met the Beatles.

Like Ali to Liston, like George Washington to the Hessians, like Alexander to the Persians: in short, very well.

In the month of March, the decease of Mr. Liston, the comedian, attracted public notice.

The merits of these methods were then soon forgotten, however, and were revived in the present century by Liston and Syme.

The most remarkable instance of a face being a fortune, in this respect, is our own Liston.

Potier, generally speaking—and it is the same with our own Liston—has never Actually observed any thing of what he presents to us.

I have done this very carefully, and find Mr. Liston's conduct not only irreproachable, but laudable.





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