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  1. letter-for-letter; literally.
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Origin of literatim

1635–45; < Medieval Latin, a formation based on Latin līterātus (see literate), with adv. suffix -im

verbatim et literatim

[wer-bah-tim et lee-te-rah-tim; English ver-bey-tim et lit-uh-rey-tim]
adverb Latin.
  1. word for word and letter for letter; in exactly the same words.
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Also ver·ba·tim ac li·te·ra·tim [wer-bah-tim ahk lee-te-rah-tim; English ver-bey-tim ak lit-uh-rey-tim] /wɛrˈbɑ tɪm ɑk ˌli tɛˈrɑ tɪm; English vərˈbeɪ tɪm æk ˌlɪt əˈreɪ tɪm/.
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Historical Examples

  • They are given in their chronological order, and verbatim, but not literatim, the orthography having been modernized.

    Shakespeare's Insomnia, And the Causes Thereof

    Franklin H. Head

  • Marsh's narrative is too diffuse, not to mention other faults, for me to follow it verbatim et (il-)literatim.

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  1. letter for letter
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Word Origin

C17: from Medieval Latin, from Latin littera letter
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