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/ ˈlɪtlɪst /


  1. not_standard.
    the superlative of little

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Example Sentences

Sometimes the littlest moments, like a goodnight kiss, are the most important.

Is any of it a little, how shall we say, even the littlest bit unwarranted?

For my littlest brother, 24, my parents have given up their traditional expectations.

Obeying the urgent appeals of the Food Controller, the littlest boys decided to go into sheep-raising.

Gone a second time, and I have lost him now for ever … and he will not love me the littlest bit ever any more—only hate me!

For out of dangerous surroundings he felt himself able to snatch away the littlest and most lovely woman in the world.

It was like playing crack the whip, he told us afterward, "and being the littlest fellow on the tail end."

"Mun Bun wants bwead and milk," put in the littlest Bunker, on hearing this.





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