[ liv-fer-ev-er ]


  1. a widely cultivated succulent plant, Sedum telephium, of the stonecrop family, having fleshy, coarsely toothed leaves and flat clusters of purplish flowers.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of live-forever1

First recorded in 1590–1600

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Example Sentences

LONDON — Many of her subjects would like Queen Elizabeth to live forever.

Watch him unleash a magnificent, expletive-ridden rant—and be grateful for the Internet, where this harangue will live forever.

The regime nevertheless had to admit to itself that apartheid was doomed—and Mandela realized he would not live forever.

We all want to live forever, but some of us have the means to actually do something about it.

By extension, if you can just be happy all the time, you can live forever.

For their own treasure-chest was now all but empty, and one could not live forever upon blueberries and fish.

He chewed the gum to make his breath sweet and drank a decoction of the root to make him live forever.

Would you have a Nation live forever that is content to be governed by Bruhls?

The Ames house lay comfortably on the desert as if it had grown up out of the sand and proposed to live forever.

And he stop, stop so long here by river while that little bird build her nest in his side, he turn to stone and live forever.


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